I am Schmooey The Dancing Hamster

Oh God, the insanity, it shall consume us all!

23 January
Lets see...Well, for one I am a very eccentric, very strange...hell, I can actually sum up all of that by saying I'm an aquarian. I am a solitary Ecclectic Witch with an odd Fetish for Drow, Fiona Horne *drools*, Halflings (grins at Janine), Goths, Blondes, and Canadian Actresses (There is just something so sexy about a girl that says aboot). I plan to someday rule the world with an iron fist and acheive immortality via some kind of gamma radiation from Yuggoth.

I'll be blunt, I'm aqaurian. My posts will seldome be serious, and will seldom have any coherant order to them. It's the discordian in me. That beign said, the answer is silver blue fish, 42, and Cher.
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